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Selling a House in 7 Days, Is it possible?

I recently received a n email from Laura with the following question.
Hello Billy, my name is Laura Mariano. The reason for my email is to get some ideas on how to sell my house. I have had it on the market for 14 months and have had 2 potential buyers go into contract only to WALK AWAY because the bank took too long to approve the short sale. My husband and I are ready for a nervous breakdown. Is it possible to sell a house that is SO FAR upside down- or should we just walk away from the house? Please let me know.

Frustrated In Centereach,
Laura Mariano

Laura I feel your pain. First off you’re not alone with having potential BUYERS walk away from the deal because it takes TOO long for the bank to approve the short sale. It happens more often than not.

Here are2 fast and easy ways to get your house SOLD fast in some cases in as little as 7 days.

  • Auction off the house. Buyers are always looking for a deal. If they hear auction they automatically associate it with a bargain.
  • Find a community re-developer or investor to purchase the house for CASH

Most community re-developers and investors won’t care how long it takes to sell and will almost never walk from the purchase.

So laura if you want that short sale mortgage monkey off your back – and your house into contract in 7 days or less use 1 of the 2 solutions above.

Good luck

Billy alvaro
Max Returns

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