Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wholesaler?

How long does the process of buying a home take?

What if I can't get a clear title on a property I put a down-payment on?

Does own all of the properties listed on its website?

Am I bidding on the FULL PURCHASE PRICE of this home?

Where did you get this property? Is it a foreclosure?

I am interested in your property. Is there a number where I can reach you?

Can I personally visit the property?

I am interested in one of the properties you have listed, how soon should I contact you?

Are there any liens?

Will I be required to pay a deposit?

When is my balance due?

Are the utilities on?

Do you have any more photos?

Why the property that I have purchased is still showing as âvailable on your website?

I want to rent a property out. Can you provide me with a property manager?

Should I flip my property?

Can you help me with the repairs? What about a good agent?

How can I find out what my property will be worth?

Do you provide financing?

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