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Philosophy, Mission and Values

Finding everything under one roof is a wonderful yet rare thing to see. We offer all Real Estate solutions to serve our diverse clientele that includes homebuyers/sellers, Real Estate Investors, homeowners facing mortgage problems and people looking for investing in Real Estate.
Our philosophy is simple, our mission is critical and our values are deep.
Our philosophy is simple: “Begin with the end in mind. Know your numbers. Base your decisions on facts.” Our mission is critical: “To take our clients, partners, vendors and investors to a better place than where they were before coming to us.” Our values are deep:

  • Insipire all you come in contact with  to do, be, or have whatever they desire
  • Never quit lie or cheat
  • Constant and never ending improvement
  • Respect You have give to get
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Attitude will make or break you
  • Systems Rule
  • Exponential growth

Max Returns LLC lives by these values and our decisions are based on the law of INCREASE.

Max Returns REI Management

Max Returns LLC is lead by seasoned investment veteran Billy Alvaro. Billy has vast experience within the lending and real estate investing industries. He is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, and practitioner of the law of Increase. Billy has started and built multiple organizations with a combined 1.3 BILLION dollars worth of volume on an annualized basis. His firms have been involved with over 11,700 real estate transactions. He has been awarded business man of the year by the Columbia Association -136th fastest growing privately held company in America by INC 500 and Top 40 Business Person Under the Age of 40 by Long Island Business News. His passion in life is to make deals happen and to coach and mentor entrepreneurs and real estate investors on how to do the same.

Billy Alvaro


Rod Campbell

I was busy with my family packing up and ready to move but was confident that I…

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Rod Campbell

I was busy with my family packing up and ready to move but was confident that they…

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02/22 Max Returns LLC goes live online today

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