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  • Attorneys – Save time and money with our back end services

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Short sales services

If you owe more than you house is worth, are behind on your payments, or just can’t sell you’re not alone. It is estimated that 50% of homes today are worth less than what is owed. Many are finding it next to impossible to get their house sold due to inefficient and unreliable processes. Worse yet is relying on your realtor or attorney to do your short sale negotiations because they are doing this on the side, as an offshoot of their main business. Effective short sale negotiations are realized when you deploy the 40-40-20 rule. 40% is pure science; it is knowing the rules, regulations, and guidelines for each lender and more importantly knowing how to use that science to force the lender to give you what you rightfully deserve.

It is 40% of an art form you need to master,  the art of negotiation. Knowing what to say regarding the science and how to say it will make or break the results you receive. And finally 20% of formula is systems. Systems for following up, for keeping you informed of the status, for tracking the progress, systems for figuring out the right strategy, and a systems to keep the lender in line.