Short Sales Services

If you own a house and want to sell call us at 800-793-5015 x815 or fill out the Fast Action Response Form to the left of the screen. There is NO cost to you the home seller to use our short sale services. You will not have to pay the realtor fees, attorney fees, back taxes, or any closing costs. You will be able to get out from underneath the debt and move on with a clean slate. Better yet, with our short sale stall strategy we can get you two to four months or longer with no payments to the bank giving you time to save money for your move.

If you are a realtor, agent, investor, or attorney and would like to get on our list to use our services that will save you time and make you more money call us at 800-793-5015 x 875 or fill out the fast action response form to the left of the screen.

Short Sale Process

Step #1

The bank's short sale procedures require your home to be listed on MLS.  After we receive your harship package we will contact a realtor to list your home for sale in accordance with their rules.  Your file will be logged into the system.

Step #2

Your file will be assigned to a short sale negotiation specialist ( 1-2 days of receiving your package).  You will receive an introduction email from the short sale specialist, who will be your main point of contact throughout the short sale process.

Step #3

The specialist will review your paperwork to ensure it has been completed properly.  Then analyze the various rules, regulations & guidelines pertaining to your loan type to ensure a speedy short sale approval (3-5 days of receiving your paperwork).

Step #4

The authorization forms will be submitted to your lender(s) giving us permission to speak with them on your behalf (same day (s)he reviews your paperwork).

Step #5

The entire short sale package will be submitted to your lender(s).  This step will happen 2 days from the day your lender acknowledges receipt of the authorization and when we have all your completed documents.

Step #6

We will order an engineer's report of the home. No Cost. We will call to schedule the interior and exterior review of the home by a certified engineer.  Do not worry if your home needs repair.  Getting the short sale approved is not contingent on the condition of the property.  This step is being completed in order for us to prepare for any rebuttals the bank may have regarding the value of your property.  It takes 2-4 hours to conduct.  It's usually scheduled 30-60 days after your package has been submitted to your lender(s).

Step #7

Order the Broker Price Opinion (BPO). This is an interior and exterior review of your home by the lender. The lender will call us and allow only 2 days to schedule it.  As soon as we get the call we will immediately call you to schedule the date and time for the inspection.  Time is of the essence with this step.  As soon as your bank calls, the BPO must be scheudled within 2 days of the call.  This takes place within 30-90 days of the package submission.

Step #8

We will order and review the Title on the property including a lien and judgement search.

Step #9

Closing is set. As soon as we get the clear from all lenders to close we will ocntact you with the date and time of the closing. There will be no cost or fees to you.  All closing fees will come out of the proceeds due to your bank. Time Frame: anywhere from 60 days to 8 months.

That's the process. And here's our promise - to make this transition as smooth and easy as no cost to you.

Thanks for choosing Easy Close Short Sale Services & as your short sale negotiation specialists.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800-793-5015 x100 or email

P.S. We offer $500 to $2000 for each referral.  All we need you to do is connect us with the home owner. When we buy you'll earn. If interested ask us for details.

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